Monday, September 16, 2019

myFocus Online Reporting

Focus EnterprisemyFocus Online Reporting is a web-based reporting platform that allows you to view your restaurant's performance at any given time. Near time data is streamed to a centralized server so you don't have to wait until the next day to see how the store is performing. Access store level reports, enterprise reports, trends and graphs or let us build a custom report for you. The historical data for the restaurant will automatically populate so you can compare store performance from previous years.  Call today to sign up!
 Store Level Reports
myFocus allows you to view your store level reports at your convenience without the hassle of dialing into the restaurant or checking your e-mail. Export any report to pdf's, Excel or e-mail them at ease.
 Consolidated Reports
Have multiple restaurants? Easily compare the performance of your stores with other stores. Use these reports to setup a multi-store sales contest!
 Enterprise Dashboard
With the myFocus Enterprise Multi-Store Dashboard you can quickly spot stores that may be under performing compared to the entire system. Stores can be divided into regions or markets and then used to evaluate the effectiveness of a limited time offer or a promotion.
 Store Level Dashboard
myFocus incorporates the familiar nFocus Dashboard into the web. You are already used to seeing the powerful nFocus Dashboard at the store, why not view it when you are away!


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