Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Table Management

Starting and maintaining tables is easy with the Focus graphical table management system. Stage images can be created with different colors or icons to distinguish different meal stages. Users can access tables and view the status of the floor with the touch of a button. Tables can also be defined with a default number of guests to help speed up the order process.

 Graphical Floor Plans
Graphical floor plans can be created and displayed on the Focus Table Management screen. The front door, kitchen and other restaurant landmarks can help new hires locate tables quickly and accurately when using graphical floor plans.    
 Multiple Floor Plans
Multiple floor plans may be used in Focus Table Management. Links to the various floor plans can be displayed on each plan. A default floor plan can be associated with each location to help expedite table access. 
 Stage Images
Focus Table Management can display images according to the meal stage. For example, a glass icon can be displayed when a beverage has been ordered or a plate icon can be displayed when an entrée has been ordered, etc.
 Status View
Focus Table Management is a helpful management tool that allows the user to view the status of all tables on the floor plan at once. Additionally, detailed table information such as the table’s server, last order time, time opened, number of guests, beverage total, etc. can easily be viewed with a touch of a button. 
 Default Number of Guests
Tables can be assigned a default number of guests to increase the speed and accuracy when starting an order. 
 Table Alerts
Alerts allow management to easily identify tables with a period of prolonged inactivity. An Alert icon is displayed on the table after the user-defined period of inactivity has been reached.




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