Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Dispatching drivers to delivery orders is a key feature in Focus Delivery. Dispatchers can assign drivers during peak times, while in slower times drivers can be allowed to self-assign delivery orders. The length of time drivers have been dispatched en route is prominently displayed on the dispatch screen. The number of orders each driver has delivered can also be viewed for drivers currently not en route. Additionally, checks can be viewed, edited and printed directly from the dispatch screen. Some of the key dispatching capabilities include driver rotation, delivery zones, online maps, delivery confirmation and automatic printing of assigned orders.


 Driver Rotation

Focus Delivery Driver Rotation maintains FIFO (first in first out) driver order in the delivery assignment queue. Drivers are automatically moved to the end of the driver queue after they are dispatched. Rotating drivers helps ensure fair distribution of orders.
 Delivery Zones
Delivery Zones allow delivery orders in the same geographical area to be easily assigned to the one driver. Focus Dispatching automatically sorts the list of unassigned delivery orders by zone to facilitate easy assignment to drivers.
 Online Maps
New drivers will appreciate the integration Focus Dispatching has with Yahoo!® Maps. Focus Mapping allows drivers to quickly access maps and directions for the selected delivery orders. While on the dispatch screen, select the delivery order and touch the Map button to display an easy to read map to the customer's address.
 Delivery Confirmation
Upon login, delivery drivers are automatically prompted to verify the successful delivery of the previously dispatched orders. Additionally, Focus Dispatching is notified that the driver has returned from route and is eligible for future assignment of delivery orders.
 Automatic Printing of Assigned Orders
Delivery Orders can be automatically printed when a driver is dispatched ensuring drivers are aware of the payment status (of orders) before leaving the restaurant.


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