Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Speed of Service

Speed of service is the key requirement when choosing the proper software solution for your Bar or Nightclub. Focus’ unique ability to model your bar’s order taking procedures ensures orders are entered as quickly and accurately as possible. Fast Bar Screens, high speed credit card processing, packaged commands, repeat rounds and countdown items are just a few of the many Focus features used to increase speed of service.


 Fast Bar Screens

Fast Bar Screens are designed to function just like the name, fast and efficient. Up to 150 buttons can be place on each screen. Screens can be designed with the most popular menu items, payments, quantity buttons and functions so the user does not waste time flipping through multiple screens to enter an order.



 High Speed Credit Card Processing

Integrated high speed credit card processing eliminates the need for a separate machine and 2-3 second authorization times are achieved when using Internet based processors.
 Packaged Commands
Packaged Commands allows the user to enter multiple menu items, discounts, modifiers and commands with one touch of a button.
 Repeat Rounds
Focus recognizes that most customers order the same drink every time while at a bar or nightclub. The Repeat Round option allows the employee to recall the customer’s tab and simply touch the Repeat button to reorder the previous round of drinks. The ease of reordering allows employees to start serving the next customer sooner, thereby increasing speed of service.
 Shared Tabs
Focus allows tabs to be shared by multiple bartenders. Customers can start a tab with one bartender and order a drink from a different bartender and have it placed on the same tab. The bartender that closes the customer’s tab is responsible for the payment.
 Pre-Authorized Tabs
Customer tabs can be Pre-Authorized to verify the credit card is valid and has sufficient funds available. Employees can be automatically notified that the credit card needs to be re-authorized when the credit threshold has been reached.

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