Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Auditing and Control

Control and auditing functionality within a point of sale is paramount in Bars and Nightclubs. Numerous control and auditing features within Focus ensure accountability is maintained throughout each step of the point of sale process. Liquor management, timed rates, advances, blind checkouts and IP camera logs are a few of the critical audit and control features within Focus Fast Bar and Nightclubs.


 Liquor Management

Focus integrates with several 3rd party liquor inventory management systems to ensure what was ordered matches what was poured. Differences in the amount of liquor poured and ordered can then be displayed on Inventory Detail Reports. In addition to 3rd party liquor management integration, Focus has built in inventory controls to record, maintain and monitor liquor inventory. Simple Menu Item Reports display the liquor cost and percentage based on the actual liquor sales and the cost associated with the liquor menu items.
 Timed Rates
Focus uses Timed Rates to control hourly charged games such as pool tables and dart boards. A price is automatically calculated according to the length of time the customer plays. Multiple rates can be charged over different time periods to help increase business during slow or peak hours.
Advances are used to keep track of money that is temporarily “lent” to customers so they may spend it on video games, dart boards, pool tables, etc. Advances are included on customer’s tabs but not included in sales totals.
 Blind Checkouts
Focus allows the manager to perform a Blind Checkout for each employee assigned to a cash drawer. Employees can simply clock out and declare the amount of cash in the cash drawer. Managers can then print a drawer report, count down the drawer and determine the over/short for the employee’s previously worked shift.
 Shared Tabs
The optional IP Camera Log interface allows register activity (such as discounts, voids, no sales, error corrects, etc.) to be easily inserted into the video feed and viewed from remote locations.

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